Privacy policy

macindigo reserves the right to change or update this privacy policy at any time. If the privacy policy has changed, a pop-up notification at macindigo's website will inform visitors of that occurrence.


macindigo does not examine or retain user data other than that which is necessary to license its software products and provide technical support.

macindigo does not disclose user data or information except if a court of law, with jurisdiction, compels disclosure.

App Store purchases

Apple does not disclose personal information about the licensee of an application from the App Store.

Purchases from the macindigo store

In order to provide a software license, macindigo needs your name, email address and 2-letter country code. Your name and email address are your proof of purchase and necessary to create and deliver the software license to you. As macindigo software is available worldwide, the country code may be used to localize license details.

macindigo store payments are processed by Paddle® who notify macindigo of the order number and completion status of a transaction. No personal financial data from your Paddle® transaction is disclosed to macindigo.

Technical Support

macindigo software products include technical support via email. The support email address can be found at macindigo's website or the application's menu bar Help.

Other than the name and email address used to license your software product, macindigo support will not ask you for personal information. Depending upon the nature of your support request, macindigo may ask for technical information about your computer, its operating system, and preference settings.


The macindigo website at is an SSL encrypted, custom designed website that uses cookies for the sole purpose of enhancing your experience at the website. To do this, items such as screen size, display resolution, and browser information may be stored in a cookie. macindigo does not utilize cookies for user tracking, marketing or other privacy invasive purposes.

All servers maintain activity logs which may contain your IP address after accessing a website. macindigo may use these logs to diagnose service outages, website attacks, or other technical issues.

macindigo's website server uses cPanel® software to manage the operation of the website. cPanel® has the capability to show a website's traffic patterns, however this information is an aggregate total with no user identifying data. For example, it can report the amount of traffic per country on an hourly basis over that past 30 days.

Advertising and social media

macindigo does not collect, utilize or sell user data for advertising, unsolicited emails, or other marketing purposes.

Software integrity

macindigo software is fully compliant with Apple's security, software integrity and privacy requirements.

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